Pagerage Facebook Layouts & Facebook Backgrounds

Are you tired of the same interface to the Facebook profile? PageRage allows you to customize your profile on the Facebook. Pagerage provides free Facebook layouts and Facebook backgrounds for your Facebook profile. Add layouts to your Facebook profile! Customize your Facebook profile pages with free Facebook layouts from PageRage. Pagerage is your source for great Facebook profile page layouts, backgrounds and more.

Do you want to make your Facebook page even more personal? Find great premade layouts or create your own! Page Rage is the place for you when you want to make your personal profile even more personal and colorful!

PageRage is the easy way to change your FaceBook layout for FREE. PageRage can help you make your profile unique. PageRage will help you create a new Facebook layout that will make your profile more interesting to see.

Pagerage, which provides really free and fantastic layouts for your Facebook profile. According to the Pagerage official website, the plugin allows you to “change layouts, backgrounds, and colors of your Facebook to anything you want!” You can change your layouts to various groups like Holidays, Music, Cars, Sports, Films, Nature, Abstract, and more!

PageRage layouts for Facebook are made possible because of a new application called Yontoo Layers. Yontoo Layers makes a virtual layer over your browser window. PageRage is what’s called a Layer App that works on Yontoo Layers. It enables users to add content over their Facebook page that appears to have been added directly to the page. PageRage lets you customize both the background and design elements on your facebook profile page.

PageRage lets you give your profile a theme of your choice. Using it you can recreate the background as well as the design elements of your page. All it takes to apply the skin is a button click.

Pagerage offers a lot of Facebook layouts, ranging from retro layouts to texture layouts. PageRage offers tons of different styles, colors, and themes. PageRage is a free download and available to any Facebook user.